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The Rouge Global Challenge for the mobile game Sonic Dash mentioned earlier is now live! As usual, this global challenge consists of 4 stages, where players all around the world have to dash to unlock our jewel huntress. This time, instead of picking up presents or dashing a certain amount of metres, you'll just have to aim for a highscore which will be converted to points. Recommended is the usage of boosters, which make it a lot easier to reach the goal.

The challenge will be available till the 2nd of March, so good luck and keep dashing!


In a recent update, Sonic Dash not only got a new global challenge with soon-to-be playable Rouge the Bat , but also a new boss similair to Zazz, in the form of Sonic's Arch-Nemesis Dr. Eggman. There are also new achievements you can get by dashing with Silver the Hedgehog.

- The Dr. Eggman fight is very similair to Zazz, but of course in a different image. Instead of flying on Zazz his flying.. ball? Eggman pilots his own vehicle, armed with rockets and bombs to slow you down.
- (more info on the Rouge global challenge and achievements later)

Coming completely out of nowhere (well, kind of), a new game has been announced! Sonic Lost World has only been out for 3 months and a new game is already is development.

This game seems to revolutionize the entire franchise (Not confirmed yet as this is most likely going to be a spin-off game) with new designs and apparently new gameplay mechanics too. Sonic Boom is a game dedicated to the show that is also going to be released this year. Also, this is the third nintendo exclusive Sega has been hinting about, as it will again only be released on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. A release date has not been mentioned yet, neither if it will be released in 2014 or next year.

The Cartoon also got a new trailer. To watch this trailer, please click 'read more'

EDIT: It is now confirmed that Sonic Boom will be a spin-off title, thus having the design only make an appearance in said spin-off titles. The old designs will return in later games.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed: Ryo Hazuki DLC

Yes, that is correct! Earlier he was mentioned as playable character for the new release on the android , but now he is officially on the steam version . Ladies and gentlemen, Ryo Hazuki! However, instead of an update, he comes as a downloadable content, meaning you still have to pay to play as him.

So far, Ryo has only been confirmed for the Android version and the Steam version, with still no news concerning the console versions. It seems like Sumo and Sega are really forgetting about the console versions, despite the xbox 360 having an award.

Probably one of the strangest trailers you've seen in a long time (at least the strangest of this year so far!), Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed has now been released for Android Systems. For people with good eyes, they might also discover something else.

When looking correctly, you'll see Ryu Hazuki his racing character + icon fly through the screen every now and then. Therefore, we can officially say that Ryu has made it's way to Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed. If he will be Android exclusive is unknown. However, several leads have gave me the conclusion that Ryu will at least make it to one console. Yogcast, the populair British Youtube Gaming Channel, were having a livestream some weeks ago for charity. During their livestream, they also played Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed on Steam. There, Ryu was also seen as a playable character.

If Ryu will make it to other consoles is yet to be confirmed, but stay with us and we'll keep you up to news!

It has been teased earlier in the livestream of Yogcast (the youtube channel which also had the DLC character Simon lane within the game), but as of today Sega has made an official teaser too. Ryu Hazuki , the protagonist of the Shenmue franchise, was in the original all-stars racing but left out in transformed. Due to teasers, it seems Ryu will arrive very soon onto the stage. When Ryu will be available is yet to be announced, but keep in touch and we will give you updates as fast as possible!

Due to Christmas and other festivities/circumstances, the news is later than usual. But I'm glad that I can still provide you with 2 news pieces, with one being teased today.

Silver the Hedgehog is now the aim for Sonic Dash players to achieve within the game. With Christmas, Sega presented us with a new Global Challenge. The challenge consists of people dashing around in search for Christmas Presents. Those are found throughout the stage just like item boxes. Like all of the other global challenges, it consists of 4 stages which everybody has to reach to get Silver. As of now, the first stage has been achieved, and the second is halfway. Keep on dashing guys, The challenge will continue on till the 6th of January 2014

With Nintendo Direct, a huge lot of new stuff and information got announced. But probably none of the updates have been as suprising as this news. Sonic Lost World first had a crossover stage with NiGHTS, and now Yoshi's Island also joins the game! In this stage, you run around the stage to save all the Yoshi's from evil. Fans from both the Mario/Yoshi and Sonic franchises will see some similarities in the stage. Mainly based on Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, you'll see returning enemies including goomba's and shy guys, but also stage hazards such as pipes and jumping platforms.

Sonic Lost World: Yoshi's Island DLC is now avaiable for free on the Eshop for Sonic Lost World owners!!

Following the release of Sonic Dash, the second game of the blue blur now also makes it's entrance on Android Systems. As with Sonic Dash, this game has also been on the Apple systems long before it got released on Android, and thus people will already recognize several changes such as Tails and Knuckles playable within the game. But there is something new that will certainly interest you.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is infamous for it's hidden stages such as Wood Zone, Genocide city and more. But further more, the most known might be Hidden Palace Zone. And thus, Sega came up with the idea to release the zone with the new game. Now that's something we are looking forward to right? And for the owners of an Apple system and the game, do not worry. This new stage will be included with the game through updates.