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Dut why is there show so bad its like they don't like doing good.
yay! Im so glad you guys still have something to read! I wwas worried i wouldnt be able to read comics here anymore! :)
I think it would be cool to have fan comics put onto the site. Even some fan fiction, although I probably wouldn't read them unless they were comics.
you could start posting fan comics, with the artists permission of course, as well as credited
this could create a space to discover new comics and give more publicity to the artists
you could even make a seperate forum where people could suggest commics, preferably with the contact information of the artist
though creating submission guidelines would propably be nessecary

also on the off hand it would be nice to have an actual reply button on comments, just saying
Maybe this topic is too old for me to expect an answer, but what are your plans now that the Archie comics have ceased publishing?
So now that the Archie comics have officially been cancelled, and are now a thing of the past, could that mean that they could be reuploaded onto the site?