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New Sonic Boom concept arts and development details


Soon after the release of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric in the US a few developers independently published a large number of concept arts showing the different stages of the game creation. Of particular interest are experiments with characters design and level sketches. Sonic and Eggman could suffer much more serious redesign, and Lyric (the main villain of the game) was originally owl. In addition, Chao were considered, whose appearance differs greatly compared to the other games. Andrea Ritsu from Sonic Stadium has collected all these arts in one folder, and just in case we also reuploaded them to the gallery .

It is possible that the visual part of the game could be seriously affected when porting to the Wii U . Sonic Boom is the first game for this console using CryEngine 3, but it was originally developed multiplatform. Trailer shown at the announcement demonstrates better versions of textures, better lighting and effects compared to the final version. Here is comparison for one of the levels.
Another sad detail - Chris Senn, known as the developer of Sonic X-treme , who also worked on Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyric , confirmed that he left Big Red Button in June, but not by his own will. We can only guess what happened during the development of the game and wait for new information.

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