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Not long after the site's launch SEGA has published at Flickr new screenshots of Sonic Generations , showing Chemical Plant and the batle with Metal Sonic . You can look at them in the gallery . Besides screens the artwork of Classic Tails and Modern Tails was added, as well as 3DS version box art.

Today SEGA has launched new official Sonic the Hedgehog website -, a bit resembling Japanese Sonic Channel. You can see there a new video, called "Sonic Anniversary – Through the Ages" and brieflys showing Sonic's history, or, more exactly, main games where he took part. Music is a remix of Live and Learn. In the menu Games there are links to official sites of the latest games, and right now in the Downloads there are only a few wallpapers from Sonic Channel. In the 20th Anniversary section you can read a short text about Sonic's anniversary, in the Community — — see the latest messages from Twitter'a and Sonic Facebook.

You can also watch the video itself below:

Fans know a lot about Sonic Generations thanks to demo-version files, so the current news will hardly surprise anyone. At the Spanish website Vandal information appeared, confirming the return of classic (or, more specifically, Sonic CD ) Metal Sonic in Sonic Generations as a boss, but both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic will have to fight him. Not long after this, SEGA has published on Twitter and on Sonic's Facebook a model render, which you can see above.

Also Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has been officially confirmend, and Special Stage of 3DS version will be like the ones from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and other games, where the road Sonic is running on resembles a tube.

Update: in Japanese magazine Famitsu screenshots of Chemical Plant Zone and Metal Sonic battle were published. Looks like it'll take place in Stardust Speedway . Also you can see 3DS version of Special Stage . Click "Read More" for them.

SEGA has released Japan City Escape trailer from Sonic Generations. In overall, it's pretty much the same as E3 version, except music — we can hear Escape from the City modern remix for the first time, which, by the way, wasn't in recent demo.

Maybe you've heard something about Sonic SCANF already, maybe not, but it's time to do it. As you see, we're making an English version, targeted at Sonic Adventure fans.

Why did I use "Sonic Adventure" and not just "modern"? Because Sonic Adventure formula can be hardly called modern now, but there are quite a lot of people who liked it for unique gameplay, interesting and deep story, beautiful music, and, of course, a lot of playable characters. If you feel that you are one of them — join us!