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SASRT: Android Release Trailer

Probably one of the strangest trailers you've seen in a long time (at least the strangest of this year so far!), Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed has now been released for Android Systems. For people with good eyes, they might also discover something else.

When looking correctly, you'll see Ryu Hazuki his racing character + icon fly through the screen every now and then. Therefore, we can officially say that Ryu has made it's way to Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed. If he will be Android exclusive is unknown. However, several leads have gave me the conclusion that Ryu will at least make it to one console. Yogcast, the populair British Youtube Gaming Channel, were having a livestream some weeks ago for charity. During their livestream, they also played Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed on Steam. There, Ryu was also seen as a playable character.

If Ryu will make it to other consoles is yet to be confirmed, but stay with us and we'll keep you up to news!