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SASRT has won 2 awards!

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed , the racing game with Sonic and the crew, have been granted two awards! The game has been nominated four times in the Annual TIGA games industry Awards. This game has been nominated for awards including Game of the Year. However, it wasn't able to get the achievement, but there were definitely two other awards, called the Arcade game of the Year and Outstanding Leadership awards. Congratulations SEGA and Sumo!!

Another interesting point, is that people have been able to discover evidence of a new downloadable content. In the Steam Listing, there has been an ID found under the name of SteamDB Unknown App 264600, listed underneath the Metal Sonic and Outrun Stage DLC. It could be very likely that we will indeed get new DLC for the game. What it will be is yet to be comfirmed, and it is also unknown if it will be Steam exclusive or multiplatform, considering there have been several steam exclusive characters. However, those were released with patches, with the exception of Metal Sonic. So who knows what the DLC will bring us? Keep in touch and we will reveal it when we know it!