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Sonic Boom: An Animated Cartoon

Thought you survived a heart attack from all these updates yet? Well, I'm not done yet.

Sega has recently released a picture of a comedical animated show called Sonic Boom , which will be released in Fall 2014 on Cartoon Network (uggh) in the United States and Canal J/GULLI in France. The show stares 4 characters from the Sonic universe, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and ofcourse the Blue Blur himself. The heroes will have comedical adventures where they fight the evil tyrant Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik in 52 episodes of eleven minutes. This show is mainly based to attract the younger audience, and that is where we end the fun. Yes, there are some negative complaints which some of us will like and some of us will hate.

  • The show is ment for kids from 6 to 11 years. Not the biggest complaint I guess, since people don't have problems with My Little Pony either.... Okay, I said nothing here!
  • What's up with the Shadows of the characters? No seriously, just look at it, then look back here, look back at the shadows and then post your opinion down below.
  • It will be most likely that those 4 characters, excluding Eggman and the enemies, will be the only characters included within the Show.

Well, that's all for today folks! Keep in touch for more updates later on!


Pffftt. . .*laughs like an idiot* xD

My god, THOSE Shadows are hilarious! ^^

Is it just me, or is Tails the only one who looks NORMAL? xD
this might be pretty good
Plot twist. These shadows are from an episode that is a flashback about their caveman ancestors or something. It might be a good show though, but I will admit Knuckles looks like he's been bench pressing boulders while guarding the Master Emerald! How will Rouge distract him to get the Master Emerald now if he is too busy being lost in his own eight pack abs?! (I know she hasn't been confirmed for in the show but still.)
I mistook him for Thrash the Devil!
I'm now scared to think what they look like for real
I couldn't agree more!
Knuckles has fingers?!? Ruined FOREVER!!! (JK :D)
Just now noticed that Amy's wearing a Tutu instead of a Dress. xD
  • Darkie
  • Oct. 4, 2013, 12:44 p.m.
I'm excited, honestly. But we'll see how this turns out.
Perhaps Amy will be wearing what she used to wear as her younger self, if that makes sens

And Sonic is wearing a jacket or something. Different from his usual nakedness

As for Knuckles. I've only seen that he had fingers twice. Once was a mistake. Showing his fingers all the time just seems… weird
Say that reminds me, Doe's anyone know where I could watch the REALLY old cartoon ( that had Sally and Co. in it?)?
If you mean SATam, I watched it on youtube

If you mean the early one which included a version of Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot, I don't think it existed. I think it was just a plan for a show that was never actually made. At least, I've never managed to find it
Ooookaaayyy…. WHAT IS WITH KNUCKLES?! His arms are FREAKIN HUGE!!! Teh shadow of his ace looks weird, and Sonic?! What's wrong with his spikes? His shadow kinda looks like Scourge… O_0 Amy and tails look pretty normal I guess… I have to say I'm pretty scared to see what this turns out like. I'm afraid that they're going to make knuckles pure comedy relief. I missed it when he was bad-butt. I also hope they don't make Sonic and Tails all cheesy. But, there could be a lot of cool things they could do with this!
These character designs better not be final. At least SatAM, Adventures, Underground, and X kept close to the art style at their respective times. If we're finally getting another Sonic cartoon, it might as well be a GOOD Sonic cartoon. And Eggman better be as awesome as he was in SatAM and X.
I'm a little worried to. but maybe it might surprise us.
wow….just wow….Knuckles is MASSIVE and has FINGERS, Amy is wearing who knows what, and Sonic's quills look almost deformed.
Why don't they just put Rouge ina bunny suit merrily passing out candy and flowers to poor kids and have Charmy save the world singly handedly, while they're at it!
Hopefully this won't turn out as bad as it seems. Although it's aimed for younger audiences, so was Sonic X and by the third season it freaking kicked BUTT. Like seriously. Watch Ep. 1 and then watch the last one and see how different they are xD
This show looks messed up…
Honestly. I don't expect much.
1) its an american cartoon, aimed at children. So its more than likely not goingto be what you think.
2) don't expect something to be cool when 1- its run time is only 10min long each episode. (Tssz news) and 2-its a comedy. Aimed at children. And with what I've seen on cartoon network lately…..well. yeah. XD
3) I just hope they get a lot of views.
4) knuckles sonic and amy look……ummm. just umm.
I don't know what to think of this. I mean, considering this is aimed for children I won't be intrigued by it. That, and Knuckles has fingers.

@XoSpades you icon made that comment so much funnier
I hate the fact that I have to wait to watch it NEXT year.