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Sonic Dash: Eggman and Rouge in the new update!


In a recent update, Sonic Dash not only got a new global challenge with soon-to-be playable Rouge the Bat , but also a new boss similair to Zazz, in the form of Sonic's Arch-Nemesis Dr. Eggman. There are also new achievements you can get by dashing with Silver the Hedgehog.

- The Dr. Eggman fight is very similair to Zazz, but of course in a different image. Instead of flying on Zazz his flying.. ball? Eggman pilots his own vehicle, armed with rockets and bombs to slow you down.
- (more info on the Rouge global challenge and achievements later)


So the “Mystery” person my Sonic Dash app warned about was Eggy after all…
I was going to update It but then the message “enter password to start update” popped up and I was like “kay” and preceded to type It In but then It told me I was wrong…next thing I know I'm on the ground face palming myself with my Ipad because I forgot the password…poop.