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Sonic Lost World meets the Legend of Zelda!

Released at the 27th of March, Sonic Lost World received another DLC for the Wii U version. This being the earlier hinted the Legend of Zelda zone.

In this DLC, Sonic fits into a link attire and explores Hyrule in search for the famed Triforce. He will also come across various Zelda gimmicks, including Rupees and Heart Containers. You will also see Link flying on his bird from Skyward Sword on several parts in the stage. A love letter to both Sonic and Zelda fans.

You can download this DLC for free on your Nintendo Wii U console.


Sadly It's a lot less expansive as the trailer makes It look…oh what could have been.Either way I'm looking forward to play this (that Is when I get the game hehe)
The Legend Of Sonic.