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SASRT: Simon joins the race

For all the owners of Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed on Steam, here is something very suprising. As hinted before, we were aware that there would be new DLC added to the game, but it was yet unknown who or what it was. Well, here it is guys, Simon Lane from Yogcast! Yogcast is the most populair UK youtube channel, and in co-operation with Sega and several other game developers, they are now live avaible with a livestream for Charity Special Effect. Even more good news is up though, which is more interesting for people who do not own the game yet or consider buying it:

- The game is playable for FREE until the 10th of December on Steam, so you can try it out. Aside from that, the game got a ridiculous 75% sale now! C'mon, you can't get it any cheaper than that!
- It is most likely that the game will also be avaiable through Humble Bundle. I consider checking that out first, as you might get the game for even less and even more games!

The DLC currently costs 4 euros on Steam, which is a bit off. But aw, c'mon, it's for charity right?


  • Shadow
  • Dec. 7, 2013, 3:03 a.m.
Now, here is my opinion on the DLC:

At first, I was far from exited. I do not care about Yogcast or Simon at all. But then, I realised some thing. It's for charity AND they are working with Sega. The good thing is that this might actually increase the sales of the game itself, as Yogcast is currently very populair on youtube.
sounds good!