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archie comics of sonic the hedgehog and megaman collections
What if Instead of the Archie comics you have the fan made comics by the people who work on Archie

For example, Evan Stanley's “Ghosts of The Future”, Ian Flynn's “Sonic: Other M”, Ken Penders' “The Lara-Su Chronicles”, etc.

If not that then perhaps try to see if you can find the more rare sonic comics like the French “Sonic Adventures”( ) or the sonic promotional comic( )
Or maybe even adding text versions of the sonic novels and books( )
There's Ian's Lost Hedgehog tales
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  • Nov. 18, 2016, 5:25 p.m.
So no more Archie Sonic ??
First of all im new to being a member but ive used this site for a long time,and if the people running it read this , just want to say thanks for this site i USE to use it all the time to catch up on all the old comics from issue 1-224 cuz thats all the comics im missing, i started at issue 225 for STH and issue 5 for sonic universe. but i still collect all the new comics that come out every month and im sure everyone who reads comics from here do you think we just read the comics here and don't buy them if so ur wrong. i catch up on sonics history through this site and now you guys have taken away that. and its wrong we still collect comics but we can't get older comics atleast i can't its impossible unless you want to pay like 10$ for 1 comic off ebay. not happening! i was just on comic 45 when you took the page off to read sonic comics you want fans to come back then don't be greedy and keep the comics your self! your not hurting anyone if this is about money then your losing more of it buy not letting people reading your comics for the first time her eto see if they like them and if they do they buy more also i use this site when you previewed sonic U and STH comics when they came out every month since you guys stopped telling us when the relase date is in the books with is VERY annoying i just have to geuss the date now. please put that back in the comics what month day and year the next issues will be coming out please! signed Jeffrey P , Cape Breton NS
@Callum.Creaner. No more Archie comics here. Fleetway and manga will probably come back though

@Silverhedgehog. Yep. We've seen your message. All 6 of them. It's not about the money. We don't make money off of it. It's about legality. Which it seems not everyone understands even though we keep saying it's illegal

For everyone else. Problem with putting others fan work up here without consent is… once again… illegal and disrespectful to the creators ;)
Edited: Nov. 18, 2016, 8:08 p.m.
Well, in the past few months I've already heard that StH is getting canceled after #300 and Mega Man is not coming back from its hiatus. I can't think anything more besides creating some sort of Archie Comics pressure system. Like, joining all the fanbase to ask Archie to come back with Mega Man and put things straight with StH. I dunno any other good cause on that.
  • Rade
  • Nov. 23, 2016, 10:03 p.m.
@DRAGONLORD Obviously you would need the consent of the owners of the fan work, but if you manage to get it and credit them for their comics when posting them it could only do them good and generate more publicity
Wow… I've been gone from the site for a while now and this is what happens, eh? Yeah, Archie isn't really doing so hot right now so I totally get where you guys are coming from though and support your decision to remove the comics. I buy the Archie Sonic comics now, so I'm definitely supporting them compared to what I was doing years ago. Only thing I didn't get is the removal of other comics (STC, Manga, Sonic Adventures). Are those gonna be put back? Fleetway has been discontinued for years and there are no plans for reprints anytime soon, same goes for the Manga and Adventures which are obscure and hard to find.
@LargoDELLZ Might want to read the second paragraph again ;) Those are being brought back again
@DRAGONLORD Ah, my bad :p I was speed reading lol. Honestly, I don't know what to say could be added. Fan comics are out of the question as you would need permission of the author to host it, but maybe do something like a Sonic Fan Game/Hack showcase where you show off a bunch of fan games or ROM hacks that catch your guys' interest and talk about it.
I'd say cover more fan content and creation (Fan Art, SFM, Animation, Stories,Music,etc) (don't actually re-upload, just post links and/or embed, so that viewer-ship goes to the original creator, I'm sure nobody would mind the free publicity, there are plenty of sites showcasing fan content like that) and official promotion and news Update the site multiple times a day, Conduct weekly polls, have more interaction, and so on.
Edited: Dec. 3, 2016, 7:21 p.m.
It kinda sad but it's OK I'm been with you guys in the beginning also so sonic fan and Roms and very rare sonic comics like em The UK sonic sunday strips
  • Mpas14
  • Dec. 19, 2016, 4:08 a.m.
I think I have a potential way to bring back Archie Comics and make it legal. I heard in a comment that Archie is struggling but what if you guys ran ads, accept donations, and create an account subscription “upgrade”. Then, you could take 80%-100% of the revenue and give it to Archie. I mean I understand that the ads would be annoying but it could be worth a shot, right? Because I seriously want Archie back. I just came back today after a break of comics and found out the news. I had finished issue 200 and wanted to read another one and got an error. So now here I am with my brand new account. Anyways, if that's not possible then what about the older issues that Archie doesn't sell any more and only can be bought from a reseller. Why can't you put those up if there are any? I just hope my idea isn't far-fetched and could actually be used.
I'like to
see a section for fan animations.
You should have a section for fan-art and possibly fan characters. You should also have a section for Sonic X screenshots
You guys can try making an app for the website so it will easier to use on mobile and we would have notifications every time you post some news so we can't miss any , btw I like this site a lot i've been trying to find anout sonic history and you were the perfect place everything was listed and organized but I understand the situation it's indeed illegal but i'm thinking if you can make a deal with archie you post their old comics that they don't post for subscription to archie or try doing ads and accept donations or any other way of supporting them so you can be thier official partner they use to get new readers to read old comics
ok I have question about how exactly the Arches comic team caught you in first place , because , I remember your comic was very long time I don't know 8 years , my suggestion is that you should make a password for comic enter s , maybe then you be able to save this line
  • Frazco
  • Dec. 30, 2016, 8:40 p.m.
Could you reupload the comics using bittorrent?

Actually, Archie hasn't caught SCANF. They realized that Archie was going bankrupt and they just wanted to help them out.